Tom J Clarke is a composer and sound designer, working within video games, film, and installations. 

Tom’s skills are diverse, adapting to the requirements of the work and the needs of his collaborators. 

His work seeks to form dialogue between music/ sound and visual materials, with a focus upon immersion and interaction.  


His work has been displayed at many events, notably Seeing Sound Conference, Bath Spa, UK.

Sound Design : Creating and editing audio design solutions utilising methods including recording, Foley, field recording and synthesis, applied to a variety of audio visual projects.

Composition : Experience with composing and arranging music with live instruments as well as software and MIDI sequencing used to create music tracks for personal and briefed purposes.


Recording : Understanding of various recording and microphone techniques regarding creative and technical decision-making.

DAWs : Knowledge of industry standard digital audio workstations including Logic and Pro Tools, through use on multiple composing and recording sessions.

Wwise : Knowledge of implementing audio into Wwise for integration within video games, focusing on aspects including sound playback techniques and memory limitations.


Retro video game inspired soundtrack for a short film about a dating game that allows you to kill bad matches in grizzly ways.



ambient synthesis and keyboards for an ongoing space arcade shooter.


Adaptive Music Demonstrations

Practice-led research project into compositional techniques for adaptive music systems within video games.

Sounds For Virtual Spaces
A three-part interactive sound art installation immersing listeners in an exploration of audio placement within virtual environments.

A Simple Task
Sound Editing and mixing for a short comedy horror film.

Kitchen Sink
Futuristic sound design and dialogue clean up for a short film set in 2085.

Looking Back

Synthesiser, strings and piano soundtrack composition for a short animation project, about a transgender character coming to terms with and exploring their identity.

An original, apocalyptic short audio film, told through sound design and composition. Listeners engage in a first person experience.

Electronic, retro game inspired music and sound effects for a mobile application.

Strings and guitars for a mythological collectable card video game.

Survive RL
Orchestral arrangement for a Fantasy RPG Survival video game.

Acoustic guitar and synthesisers for a short film based on travelling.

Azayan Map

Dissonance and drones for horror pyramid escape game.

The Real Me
City ambiences and audio clean up for short film, based upon "the elephant in the room".

Dance and Music collaboration combining themes of African Tribal and western.