custom composition to the requirements of 


each project, in the style of your choice

Strings and guitars made up the main theme for this mythological collectable card video game.

The compositional approach of this re-worked piece focuses on the inter-relationships between the player and enemy characters. This includes distance between one another and interactions within combat, intending to adapt the music in response to these parameters.

Synthesiser, strings and piano soundtrack composition for a short animation project, about a transgender character coming to terms with and exploring their identity.


An animation by Joe Casson.

This re-worked piece follows a generative music format, which uses player input as a basis for composition. Through this the format is providing auditory feedback as  a rewards system, indicating the player is progressing in the correct ways.

Orchestral and dark ambient soundtrack work for a video game, in which the player is trapped inside an abandoned temple rumoured to have been built by aliens.

A three part sound art installation immersing listeners in an exploration of audio placement within virtual environments.


Modulate between gliding frequencies and binaural beats in this interactive pitch based installation.


Built in Unity5 and Wwise.

Soundtrack work composed for the Planning room within a World War 2 themed video game.

Electronic, retro game inspired music and sound effects for a mobile application. This track was to be looped in the shop page.

Retro video game inspired soundtrack work using emulated console audio chips. Some clips featuring composition for a short film about the ups and downs of online dating as told through two users of a satirical dating game called Date or Die. In the game players interact as avatars and have the ability to kill their dates in a degrading and violent fashion.


Directed by Sam Hugh